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We offer you two very secure ways to pay for your purchase: STRIPE or PAYPAL.


STRIPE Payments

Montessori Toy Box uses the STRIPE Payment Gateway for its online  credit card transactions. STRIPE processes billions of dollars of transactions every year from customers and companies in 25 countries. Half of American online shoppers who bought online in 2017 used Stripe, in most cases unknowingly.


PAYPAL Payments

PayPal is a quick, convenient and secure way of sending and receiving money online. Whether sending cash to loved ones anywhere in the world, paying bills, making mass payments or shopping online, PayPal has it covered with availability in 190 countries and 24 currencies to choose from.

PayPal gives you the ability to fund your payments from multiple sources that you already know and love, including any balances in your PayPal account, bank account, credit and debit cards. Your financial details are securely stored with PayPal, thereby giving you the convenience of completing your transaction without typing in the information each time.

Setting up your own PayPal account is easy and takes only a few minutes. First, check if your country or region is served by PayPal. Then you can proceed by choosing the category that fits your needs. Opening an account, sending money and adding of funds are free. If you choose to receive credit card payments on your Personal account, there is a corresponding fee. For Premier and Business accounts, there are charges in order to receive payments. Once you've filled in the registration form, PayPal will guide you through the next steps. Sign up now at the PayPal website.